Water Tanks


Banapco Polyethylene Water Storage Tanks offer the following exciting features: 1. Made out of rotational grade virgin LLDPE raw material. 2. Resistant to stress cracking and contains UV stabilizer to withstand longer period of exposure to sunlight without degradation. 3. Odourless and hygienic and hence suitable for storage of potable water. 4. Both leak and corrosion proofs. 5. Being lightweight, they are easy to handle and also reduces dead load on structure. 6. Strong and durable – lasts for years without any structural changes or reduction in strength. 7. Versatile in use – can be used for overhead, surface, indoor storage etc 8. Insulated and uninsulated grades can be made as per customer demand. 9. Internal and external smooth surface finish (Easy cleaning, prevent algae growth) 10. Threaded manhole cover protect from dust and insects. 11. Availability in two colors: White and Brown 12. Environment friendly (Raw material recyclable)


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